Distinguished by legend, loved as the elixir of joy – Champagne is hard to surpass. A magic drop which needs no translation, Champagne’s longstanding allure stems from a historic synonymy with royalty, elegance and sophistication.

Fontayne Selections began sharing the wonders of high-end French Champagne but after broadening its network, FS could also broaden its range to bring high-end and exclusive alcoholic beverages from France, fit to celebrate and occasion. With a mission to showcase the true beauty of exclusive alcohol, we welcome you to join us as we bring some of France’s most iconic drops to Australian tables!

Fontayne is incredibly proud to bring new, exclusive offerings to the Australian table from benchmark producers in the world's most iconic regions. Julien Craeye, Director

Premium Selection

Now supplying some of the best venues around QLD and starting in NSW, Fontayne Selections has broaden its offering and introduced a range of very premium wines and spirits from iconic regions in France.


Finding exceptional products

Fontayne Selections pays attention to develop solid relationships with the new suppliers it works with… “We want to make sure that we Believe and Trust in the people that create those exceptional products, that we understand their vision and that we love the products!”

From boutique Champagne to private collection of wine and ultra premium spirit inspired by the perfum industry, Fontayne Selections focuses on bringing the very best products to Australia.